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The Blasted GT

Now what should I do?

I'm losing my creativity. I was thinking yesterday when I was trying to fall asleep (that's always the best time of the day for deep thoughts as far as I am concerned) and I... just don't know. The GT. I have three characters there. I adore playing Cei'ila because she's new and different and strange and she... enchants me. The way Aleatha used to.

I am busy lately. Very busy. I think I will give up MoN, yet I'm not sure if I'd regret it. Probably would, yet maybe it's the best thing to do after all. I would be able to enjoy playing Aleatha again. I've it all thought out... She's been of feeble health since the accident in the Dream a few months ago. Edwyn's disappearance has only made it worse, and she's going to start walking the Dream in the flesh, more and more, losing more and more of her humanity and becoming more and more retreated from the rest of the Tower. Until she vanishes altogether, living only in the Dream.

Kiryn... Oh, he could be so interesting were there only more opportunities to get him to leave the Tower, and actually do things. As it is now, he just hangs around there, playing with his wife & kid for a bit, sometimes mentoring new novices, sometimes plainly whining... And he teaches. He doesn't mind teaching, but he left the Blue Ajah because he thought he'd get some more action in the Grey Ajah. And look what it brought him...

What should I do? I'm awfully tempted to leave the admin team alone no matter how much I love Revvie, Ash & Leanna... Well, I don't mind the others either *pats Rihari* but those three make working on the admin team fun. It feels like I'm taking advantage of them now, though, being away all the time...
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