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Finally Getting Back into the Swing of Things

It's been forever since I've posted in this community, I suppose the last year of college does that to one. So, I'm back. For all of you new-comers, I play Amora and Saphire en'Damier Sedai at the GT. It feels good to have the time to post again, to here and IC, and OOC at the Tower. But it's a strange transition into the abyss of the unknown - so perhaps you'll all find that interesting, and perhaps not.

My current big project at the GT is co-hosting the Seals Preserved RP, in which I've resurected the Shadar dore villans that origionally appeaerd back in the first year of the Tower, along with sequal plots from Ripples (thanks to Caden), and an object that could threaten the Dark One's freedom. We could still use some new players in the RP - for PCs, SCs, and NPCs. Find me on IM or e-mail if you're interested. And if not, that's fine too.

Oooh, I just had an idea. Does anyone else recall how the old Nov/Sol Acc/Ded halls had journals for each occupant who created a room? I found my IC journal there to be very useful for tieing all of my various threads together. But we lost those Halls because no one knew how to program Perl after the origional creator left. I think I'm going to start writing posts to the community IC.
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